Thursday, November 20, 2008

Easy Homes Pvt Ltd Scam

Two room apartment for Rf 243 .(for two years)

Its more like a lottery ,rather than a lucky draw..
You have to buy a key tag to enter the lucky draw..
They are aiming at 3000 customer withing 5  months.

I did a small calculation
Imagine if they got  3000 people to buy this key tag thin ,they can generate

3000*243 =729000 (Seven hundred twenty nine thousand rufiya)

729000/24 months . = 30375 (Thirty thousand three hundred and seventy five rufiyaa

So they are actually giving this apartment for Rf 30375 per month.

For the person who win this lottery it may be for Rf 243 but Easy Homes people are actually making a lot more than  the current market value of a two room apartment .
Think twice before you buy this key tag thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said... tht a maldivan company?

10:16 PM  

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