Thursday, February 09, 2006

Condemning Violence

this is an e-mail message i got from a friend

To all Muslims:

This world is for us and them – neither merely for us, nor merely for them.

I am utterly confused and baffled by the escalating violence by Muslims all over the world over the cartoons satirizing Prophet Muhammad.

I condemn in the strongest possible terms the violent reactions by all Muslims at the cartoons.

I call upon everybody who has a stake in this issue to face the problem with intelligence and with a sense of civilized people. I also call upon Muslim religious scholars and institutions all over the world to issue fatwas to bring these violent acts - which are being carried out in the name of Islam and Prophet Muhammad - to a halt.

Muslim violent reaction is neither justified in Islamic teaching nor in any acceptable norms of human behavior, and, above all, nor are they reacting in the sprit of Islam – peace and tolerance – nor in the foot steps of the Prophet.

Have Muslims forgotten their Prophet's tolerance and intelligence when he was humiliated and attacked by the Meccans?

Have Muslims forgotten that their own brothers and sisters commit far greater sins day in and day out, but that Muslims do nothing much to stop them? Have Muslims forgotten that their corrupt leaders oppress their people, but that Muslims do nothing about it? Have Muslims forgotten that their own people in the name of Allah kill innocent people often by blowing themselves up, and that Muslims do not protest against their barbarism?

If Muslims love the Prophet the greatest good they can do to him is to abide by Allah's Message. If violent rampage is love, that love is like that of a mad person – which is not real love but some kind of psychological sickness.

Muslim violent reactions are characterized by their guilt owing to the fact that they have absolutely failed to exalt true Islamic Message and abide by Allah's teachings. The damage by their reactions can have far-reaching consequences that may make peaceful con-existence difficult if not impossible.

After all, Muslims should not expect non-Muslims to accept their traditions, and thus apply their rulings on them. If so, Muslims must be on a rampage maiming them simply because they do not believe in Allah. And what greater sin can there be than not believing in the one true God? Who should Muslims love more than Allah? That Muslims do not react violently does not mean Muslims do not love Allah, but shows that violent reactions at such acts though contrary to their religion, is not justified.

To the cartoon publishers:

I believe freedom of expression is a sacred good, so is understanding and respecting the sensitivities of other people.

9 February 2006
P.S. Please pass this message to as many Muslims as possible.


Blogger Vishah said...

I am in support of doign whatever it takes to get our rights...
How about the violence agaisnt muslims in palestine, iraq and various other countries...
does freedom fo expression comes when only its rasict islamobic articles and cartoons.
why doesnt freedom of expression apply to holocaust, or any other thing deemed by westeners as undeniable or why do those same governments have laws which put people who denies holocaust in jail...

Do we jus sit here and gladly clap our handds smile when they threathen muslim countries with nuclear bombs and discriminate our religion and identity.

Everyone have values and beleifs...Im not surprised Maldivian values are more western than islamic..

We have to be harsh against those who are harsh against us..
and we have to be peace ful with peopple who want peace.

Come to terms with reality..
the world is not wonderland and will nevber be..
IF we are like the god portraid in bible who says when a person hits u in one ear to give him the other one also..

they dont follow their own book...
We as muslims are forgiving...

Freedom of expression is one thing..we must and will tolerate critism..but we should and never and will will tolerate abuse...


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